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Aqua Libra is a blend of sparkling water, natural fruit flavours and a dash of lemon juice. Our natural fruit flavours come from the essential oils and aromas of the different fruits we use. Our water is locally sourced in the U.K and filtered four times before we use it. The dash of lemon just helps preserve everything naturally.

We use different naturally sourced ingredients in each of our flavours. So depending on which flavour you choose, each 330ml can has between as 1-4 calories.

Since lemon juice is a natural preservative, we use it to help preserve our drinks naturally.

Absolutely not. Since we only use naturally sourced ingredients, there is no need for sugar, sweeteners or anything artificial in our drinks.

The natural fruit flavours in our recipes come from essential oils, aromas or fruits extracts.

Yes, yes and yes.

If you’re interested in selling Aqua Libra wholesale, please contact us at

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"Best flavoured water I have tried and I've been through a few"

Ginny Way

Britvic HQ

Breakspear Way,
Hemel Hempstead